Hume League Umpires Association

2023 Umpire Registration – Email from Troy Mavroudis (AFL NSW ACT Umpire Co-Ordinator) 22/2/23

To all Hume FNL Umpires,
Have you registered to umpire for the upcoming season? Our community football season is set to start April 15th and we would love to have you onboard for 2023. This email reaches out to umpires as far back as season 2020, so we hope we can even entice some of you back as we push past COVID and enjoy a second straight year whereby umpire pays have increased.
Please see below for details on how to register, and make sure you do so before Friday March 4th, to be entered into the draw to WIN one of the SIX prizes on offer. It is as simple as that!
Winners will be announced on our AFL NSW/ACT Facebook Page on 6th March 2023. If you have already registered for season 2023, don’t worry … you are one step ahead and are already in the draw to win one the prizes on offer.

Prizes on offer: 6x $50.00 Eftpos Gift Cards
1. Re-Registration for Season 2023:
If you have previously registered via OfficialsHQ then you will be required to complete your 2023 registration through the following steps. To complete your registration, you will be required to login to your OfficialsHQ account and complete the required fields. This will also give you the opportunity to update your personal information (residential address, banking details, WWCC etc).

You can login to your OfficialsHQ account HERE.

If you have any issues completing the re-registration process, please see OfficialsHQ Re-Registration Resource Video

2. New Registration for Season 2023:
If you did not register as an umpire in 2022, please click on the following link to complete your 2023 Umpire Registration. Click Here to Register
Notes when registering:
Please see HERE to watch a short video on how to register your new Officials HQ account. The Officials HQ registration process is a two-step process, in which you will receive a confirmation email from Refassist (DO NOT DELETE THIS EMAIL) to complete the 2nd step of the registration. Please check your Junk or Spam folders for the email.

A few things you need to know:
• Every umpire needs to have their own individual email connected to their profile (there is no ability to have shared email address anymore)
• If you currently have a valid WWCC you will need to upload this document to you profile, through your confirmation email. If you are over the age of 18, you should hold a valid WWCC as a Community Umpire. To get your Voluntary WWCC please head to the relevant state or territory website.
• As we have now moved to a new online platform, our accreditation process has changed. There are now 3 levels of accreditation Introductory, Development & Advanced accreditations. All umpires will be required to complete these new accreditations, throughout the year. Your local Umpire Coordinator will be in touch with you all when these accreditations become available online.

IMPORTANT: If you are registering for the first time, please make sure you select ‘Hume FL’ as your umpiring club/league. Registering in any other umpiring club/league will mean you cannot be appointed in any Hume FNL matches.
You must select Victoria as the State at Step 3 of the registration process. This will then allow you to select Hume FL when you choose your Umpiring League / Club.

If you do not plan on umpiring this season, could you please let know by responding to my email below so I can remove you from my distributions list.