WAW Player of the Year

The Hume League and Bank WAW have joined forces to present one of the most lucrative awards in district football. Each Coach will award 5-4-3-2-1 votes with the winner at the end of the season winning the WAW Footballer of the Year and $500. 

2023 Final Leaderboard 

Luke Bokic (Culc) 105
Connor Galvin (Osb) 91
Nathan Rhodes (CDHBU) 78
Jack Duck (Giants) 77
Clay Thomas (Giants) 70
Raven Jolliffe (Holb) 68
Abraham Wooden (Lock) 58
Matthew Wilson (How) 57
Ronald Boulton (Saints) 54
Darcy I’Anson (Saints) 53

(Reports below are listed last name first)

WAW Player of the Year – All Votes final

WAW Player of the Year – Full Leaderboard