WAW Player of the Year

The Hume League and WAW Credit Union have joined forces to present one of the most lucrative awards in district football. Each Coach will award 5-4-3-2-1 votes with the winner at the end of the season winning the WAW Footballer of the Year and $500. 

Season 2021

Round 11 Leaderboard

Name Club Votes
Connor Galvin Osborne 66
Matt Seiter Brock-Burrum 63
Jordan Harrington Lockhart 46
Will Holmes Holbrook 40
Corey Smith CDHBU 38
Jesse Margosis Lockhart 37
Ron Boulton Brock-Burrum 37
Hamish Clark Howlong 36
Hayden Armstrong Osborne 34

Full Round 11 Votes

Match Name Club Votes
Lockhart v Giants Christopher Duck Giants 10
Lockhart v Giants Jordan Harrington Lockhart 6
Lockhart v Giants Jesse Margosis Lockhart 4
Lockhart v Giants Jake Thomas Giants 4
Lockhart v Giants Matt Robertson Giants 3
Lockhart v Giants Zachary Sheather Lockhart 2
Lockhart v Giants Jeff Ladd Lockhart 1
Culcairn v Osborne Declan O’Rourke Osborne 10
Culcairn v Osborne Matthew Rava Osborne 4
Culcairn v Osborne William Ryan Osborne 4
Culcairn v Osborne Kodie O’Malley Osborne 3
Culcairn v Osborne Samuel Rutland Osborne 3
Culcairn v Osborne Jack Chesser Culcairn 2
Culcairn v Osborne Ethan Weidemann Osborne 2
Culcairn v Osborne James Pitson Culcairn 1
Culcairn v Osborne Marcus Roberts Culcairn 1
Jindera v Howlong Oliver Browne Jindera 8
Jindera v Howlong Michael Galvin Jindera 7
Jindera v Howlong Ben Baker Howlong 5
Jindera v Howlong Mitchell Lawrence Jindera 4
Jindera v Howlong Ryan Speed Jindera 4
Jindera v Howlong Clint Brunnenmeyer Howlong 2
CDHBU v Crows Corey Smith CDHBU 10
CDHBU v Crows Nicholas Morris Crows 8
CDHBU v Crows Michael O’Riordan Crows 5
CDHBU v Crows Joshua Holding CDHBU 3
CDHBU v Crows Nathan Rhodes CDHBU 3
CDHBU v Crows Thomas Moloney CDHBU 1
Magpies v Brock-Burr Ron Boulton Brock-Burr 8
Magpies v Brock-Burr Hayden Edwards Magpies 6
Magpies v Brock-Burr Nicholas Sedgwick Brock-Burr 6
Magpies v Brock-Burr Joshua Koschitzke Brock-Burr 5
Magpies v Brock-Burr Damian Cupido Brock-Burr 2
Magpies v Brock-Burr Tyson Neander Brock-Burr 2
Magpies v Brock-Burr Spencer Jones Magpies 1
Henty v Holbrook Luke Gestier Holbrook 8
Henty v Holbrook Dylan Hore Henty 7
Henty v Holbrook Ewan Mackinlay Holbrook 5
Henty v Holbrook John Mitchell Holbrook 5
Henty v Holbrook Heath Ohlin Henty 2
Henty v Holbrook Lachlan Trethowan Holbrook 2
Henty v Holbrook Alec Sullivan Holbrook 1