How they Finished

How the Teams finished at the End of the Home & Away Season


Runner Up


Year 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
2018 Henty Brock Burrum Holbrook Osborne Jindera Culcairn RWW Giants Howlong CDHBU Billabong Crows Lockhart Magpies
2017 Osborne Jindera Henty Brock Burrum Culcairn RWW Giants Magpies Howlong CDHBU Holbrook Lockhart Billabong Crows
2016 Brock Burrum Magpies Jindera CDHBU Howlong Osborne Lockhart Billabong Crows Henty RWW Giants Culcairn Holbrook
2015 Brock Burrum Henty Howlong Jindera Magpies CDHBU Osborne Lockhart Rand Walbundrie Holbrook Walla Culcairn Billabong Crows
2014 Rand Walbundrie Henty Brock Burrum Osborne Howlong CDHBU Lockhart Jindera Magpies Holbrook Culcairn Billabong Crows Walla
2013 Brock Burrum Henty Holbrook Osborne CDHBU Jindera Howlong Rand Walbundrie Lockhart Billabong Crows Culcairn Walla Magpies
2012 Osborne Henty Howlong Culcairn Holbrook Brock Burrum Lockhart Walla Rand Walbundrie Jindera CDHBU Billabong Crows Magpies
2011 Culcairn Holbrook Jindera Brock Burrum Howlong Henty Lockhart Rand Walbundrie Osborne Billabong Crows Magpies CDHBU Walla
2010 Howlong Brock Burrum Culcairn Jindera Magpies Osborne Rand Walbundrie Henty Coleambally Holbrook Lockhart Billabong Crows Walla CDHBU
2009 Osborne Jindera Culcairn Rand Walbundrie Lockhart Howlong Holbrook Brock Burrum Walla Henty CDHBU Coleambally Magpies Billabong Crows
2008 Culcairn Osborne Jindera Holbrook Howlong Lockhart Billabong Crows Walla Coleambally CDHBU Rennie Rand Walbundrie Brock Burrum Henty Magpies
2007 Culcairn Osborne Howlong Henty Jindera Rand Walbundrie Walla Lockhart Holbrook Magpies Brock Burrum
2006 Howlong Osborne Jindera Henty Rand Walbundrie Walla Culcairn Lockhart Brock Burrum Holbrook