Interleague Results

Seniors Results

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Tallangatta & District FNL 3.3-21 5.8-38 6.13-49 8.15-63
Hume FL 4.2-26 10.5-65 15.10-100 20.13-133
Goal Kickers: T. Castles 3, G. Telford 2, C. Turner, B. Maddock, S. Cross
Best Players: L. Dale, J. Barber, B. Kunkel, T. Castles, T. Cartledge, C. Turner
Goal Kickers: M. Aalbers 9, A. Murray 2, P. Cook 2, D. Middleton, J. Jones, N. Rhodes, M. Bahr, T. Brook, B. Baker, R. Speed
Best Players: M. Aalbers, J. Harrington, J. Jones, T. Brook, M. Bahr, J. Gaynor


HUME league forward Myles Aalbers kicked nine goals in the league’s 70-point win over Tallangatta at Sandy Creek on Saturday.

The win avenged their 98-point loss to the TDFL four years ago.

Jordan Harrington won plenty of touches, Tim Brook and Josh Jones were effective at the clearances and Josh Gaynor and Duncan McMaster were solid in defence.

Coach Brent Piltz was thrilled with the win.

”It was a great effort by the boys,’ he said.

”They gelled really well.

”It’s a proud day for Merv (Wegener) and the league.”

TDFL forward Guy Telford injured his ankle during the match.

About 1500 people turned out for the game.

Tallangatta won the open netball.

Under 18’s Results

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Tallangatta & District FNL 0.4-4 1.5-11 4.6-30 5.7-37
Hume FL 3.4-22 7.4-46 12.7-79 20.11-131
Goal Kickers: B. Bartlett 2, J. Ozolins, B. Kirk, M. Owers
Best Players: M. Owers, J. Roberson, W. Damm, L. Dutton, H. McInnes
Goal Kickers: A. Yates 5, N. Murray 4, B. McNamara 3, B. McAlister 2, J. Bouffler, B. Habermann, Z. Barrenechea, G. Johnston, G. Sandral, A. Phibbs
Best Players: A. Phibbs, M. Wettern, A. Yates, M. Thomas, B. Habermann, J. Bouffler

Under 15’s Results

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Tallangatta & District FNL 5.2-32 8.7-55 10.8-68 12.12-84
Hume FL 3.0-18 3.1-19 3.2-20 5.3-33
Goal Kickers: E. Patrala 5, H. Weller 4, H. O”Brien, F. Eriksson, D. Hanley
Best Players: E. Patrala, R. Bartel, F. Eriksson, H. Weller, A. Leslie, B. Hodgkin
Goal Kickers: J. Lezius 2, B. Churchill 2, E. Mackinlay
Best Players: J. Klemke, R. Pretious, L. Holmes, K. Tallent, J. Keogh, E. Mackinlay.
Interleague Netball Results.
Seniors. Hume 29 def by Tallangatta 43. Hume BOC B.O’Connell.
Under 17s. Hume 50 def Tallangatta 40. Hume BOC D.Farrington.
Under 15s. Hume 26 def by Tallangatta 39. Hume BOC G.Clancy.